The School is designed for PhD students, Post-Docs, and young scientists with various fields of interest, who aim at mastering the phenomena associated with molecular recognition and self-assembly, and the design and preparation of functional molecules and materials for a wide-range of high-end applications.

The School Program will be organized in Lectures followed by a dedicated Question Time coordinated by the Chair of the Session. 

Poster presentations and Flash presentations will be scheduled.

Project group and team building activities will be proposed.

In particular attendees will be asked to challenge themselves with the development of  a Research Project Idea in the field of supramolecular and bio-nanomaterials. Students will be divided into groups of  5 attendees + 1 tutor for guiding the group activity. The organizing committee will identify a topic/problem and the group will develop a project/solution based on a school template. On the fourth day of the School (June 6), group representatives will be given 10 min to discuss the respective group project ideas.

A Prize will be awarded to the  Best Research Project Idea and the Best Poster